Solar Control offers a complete surface protection system for windows and surfaces that are vulnerable to damage. Vandals can't see it so they don't know it's there! A Clear Anti Graffiti Film Protection.

Made with layers of polyester film bonded by special adhesives and impregnated with ultraviolet inhibitors, we offer protection against graffiti vandals, glass taggers and smash and grab robbers.

The Anti- Graffiti Mylar film is a surface protection which helps reduce damage to glass surface areas caused by etching with acid, paint, markers or a sharp tool.

Our anti-graffiti, scratch resistant glass comes with crystal clear SR (scratch resistant) coating, the industry's toughest and most durable coating for polyester films. The thickness of the film helps stop the glass from being defaced while the SR coating allows the vandal to think he was able to get to the glass. Plus, it allows care-free maintenance because unlike other films, our film can be cleaned with everyday household window cleaning products.