Hotel Success Story

With 342 rooms, the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows is indeed an impressive sight. But when you add the breathtaking views of the Pacific, a AAA 5 Diamond Award for excellence and 4,000 square foot luxury suites at $4,800 a night, it's easy to see why some consider it to be the worlds finest resort. So when Crawford Sherman, the resorts manager, began to notice that their window film was discoloring and the cost to maintain a comfortable room temperature was increasing, immediate action was necessary. And, no compromises could be made in correcting the problem. "The brand of film that had initially been installed seven years ago was from a very reputable manufacturer (3M), so you can imagine how surprised I was when these problems began", said Sherman. "People travel thousands of miles for the ultimate vacation, and it was unthinkable that we would allow them to look through window film that was blotching and discolored".

Sherman's first step was to contact their Vista dealer who recommended Luminance V-28 & Mirage V-38 from Vista Window Film with its high heat rejection and its low interior reflectivity to optimize clarity. "I was overwhelmed by their knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness, and was particularly impressed by Vista's ten year warranty" said Crawford Sherman. "The final results are that the windows are now shaded on the outside for privacy while on the inside the sun's glare off the water is dramatically reduced enhancing the view that people travel so far to enjoy".