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The question we are most frequently asked is how much would it cost to apply film to "X" number of windows. Thanks to our Online Estimator you can now get your estimate at any time of day or night, for any window in the Bay Area, be it Livermore or San Mateo. Window film cost can vary based on several factors. The primary variables that impact the cost of applying film are the film type, size of windows, number of windows and how accessible the windows are. By providing those pieces of data in the table below and providing us with your first name, last name and e-mail address in the form below the Estimator we will send you an estimated range of cost for your project within minutes.

Please keep in mind that this is just an estimated range of cost based on the data you provide. In order to provide you with a final estimate/bid we will need to conduct an In-Home/On-Property assessment. Click here if you'd like to request an In-Home/On -Property assessment in the Bay Area. Commercial window tint and home window tint assessments are FREE.

Not sure how to measure your odd shaped windows?  The graphic below provides guidelines for the most common odd-shaped windows.

Get an estimate for Bay Area commercial window tint and other services from Solar Control. 

NOTE: In order to receive proper estimates, please make sure to define Film Type, Width, Height, Quantity and Window Access fields.

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Important: If the quote you receive seems too large, please make sure you have entered your measurements in feet and not inches.

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